About Us

County Donuts is a Mom & Pop shop that has been established in the Schaumburg area for over three decades. We hand-cut all of our donuts in house, freshly made, twice a day! We also sell a variety of Muffins, Scones, Cookies, & other delicious pastries that are made from scratch daily. From our hand-cut cake donuts, our yeast donuts, our icing, chocolate, some of our fillings such as vanilla cream and chocolate cream is made from scratch.

The dough is formed, rolled-out and cut by hand every day, twice a day, then turned into various shapes: long johns, round donuts that will be eventually be filled, or just the standard rings with our secret in-house Vanilla, Strawberry, & Chocolate frosting.

Even Steve Dolinsky, the “Hungry Hound”, has visited our location and rated us a “must-stop shop for the freshest donuts in Schaumburg area!” Our ultimate goal is to continue providing our customers with the freshest donuts possible with the highest quality ingredients.

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